Squeaky Cage Event Tickets for 2020 - $5.00/ea
(A.S.S.I.S.T., Inc./BBSFiles is the correct PayPal vendor for this transaction)

You must be an attendee to win SOME items
Drawings will be held Saturday Evening.
Once a ticket is drawn, it will not be put back in the "hat"
All tickets are good for all items (so buy lots of tickets)
The Squeaky Cage Event is held to help offset the cost of the convention

List of items(additional items will be added as they arrive):

"*" - indicates you do NOT have to be an attendee to win

* Ace of Aces Kickstarter Set
* OSRIC Hardback Set
* Inkwell Idea's Dungeonmorph Dice Set (all three sets)
* Artisan Dice Set (wooden, 10 dice)
* OD&D Brown Box Reprint Set
* Tiny Epic Set: Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Tiny Epic Galaxies, and Tiny Epic Western plus more
* Chariot Racing - boxed set
* Castle Zagyg boxed set (signed by Jeff Talanian)
* Bottle City Limited Edition - Author's print

* "Free" Trip to NTRPGCon 2021 includes airfare/gas (if you drive) & hotel
-------[will award cash value reimbursement if you attend in 2021 non-transferable
(basically this is up to a $700.00 credit toward your travel/stay to the Con - receipts required)
(you must attend to receive the reimbursement)

Mike needs to update this... and I'll look through the warehouse for more stuff.

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